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Janet Oliver- The Eight Primary Reflexes

Full Day Workshops: Sat & Sun, November 5th & 6th

A former Montessori Pre-school teacher, with a Masters in Human Development and over a decade of clinical experience, Janet Oliver will present a workshop on the eight primary reflexes and their development and integration. Primary reflexes are instinctual movement patterns which help us to survive. These include the finger grasp reflux of a newborn or the startle ‘Moro’ reflex of a baby. Reflexes are meant to organically integrate into our central nervous system. Children and adults who still retain elements of these reflexes can be frustrated because they are constantly being subverted by interfering instinctual responses. These reflexes may affect a person’s learning, behaviors, and well being.

This workshop is for any parent who would like insight into their child’s neurological development.

Janet L. Oliver has been in private, clinical practice in neurodevelopment and reflex integration for thirteen years. As a certified HANDLE Practitioner, her passion is in sharing the sensory motor developmental model for lifelong learning and efficient functioning. She works with public, Waldorf and Montessori Schools for teacher trainings and helping students with developmental delays.

The Janet Oliver workshop will take place at the Chicago Waldorf School in the Upper Eurythmy room. It is designed to assist body workers, occupational and physical therapists, teachers, parents and caregivers. Follow this link for the registration form for this workshop. For more information, please contact CWS Educational Support Teacher Cynthia Trevillion.

PTO Sponsored Events for October

Celebrate the Fall and All Hallow’s Eve in October Commons on the Corner events!

Join us in the Parent/Child room on Friday mornings after drop-off for a coffee klatch and discussion sessions with these excellent workshops:


Halloween Costume Making Workshop with Lisa Zweben

Friday, October 7th and 14th at 8:10am

Parent-Child Room: #1301 (SW corner of Loyola & Lakewood) Lisa Zweben has been making her children’s’ Halloween costumes by hand for years. Please join her as she answers your “how to” questions and goes over costume making ideas. Lisa will bring in several costumes she has made to demonstrate her technique, and will also show us some simple tricks to get the job done easier. Bring your materials for some social time and costume building. Lisa thinks the key to a successful costume is to recreate with what you already have, and remember simplicity works!


The Origins of Halloween

Friday, October 21st at 8:10am

In the Early Childhood Wing
Come explore the essence of this ancient tradition as seen from many cultural expressions, with Hazel Archer Ginsberg, a non-denominational minister ordained at the Spiritual Science Center, a school dedicated to teaching comparative religions, philosophy, and service to humanity.


Tuesdays and Thursdays in October & November

Children’s House and the Care to Share Committee will be crafting together every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:15am-noon in the Early Childhood Common Room. We are hoping to build a vibrant community of crafters where we can share our ideas and our skills.  Come and learn how to make fairies, wands, dolls, magic rocks, cute mice, gnomes, finger puppets and much more.  If you are not skilled, we will gladly teach you. If you are skilled, please share your working hands along with your crafty ideas.

Crafting starts on Tuesday, Sept. 27th and continues until the Holiday Fair.  Small Children are welcome.  Come and join us.

Submitted by: Dru Muskovin, Care to Share Committee

Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble to Perform at CWS

Friday & Saturday, October 21-22

In School Performances on Friday: EC and 1st grade @ 9:30am / 2-6th grades @ 10:30am /  7-12th grades @ 1:50pm   Saturday: Public Performance for the community at 7:30pm in the CWS Auditorium

The Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble will perform The Flea and Little Louse – a charming and comforting tale from France – for younger children (EC through 1st grade).  Children in grades 2 through 6 will see a performance of The Goose Girl at the Well, a fairytale from the Brothers Grimm which cautions us that nothing is as it appears. Original music by Jonathan Ackerman leads us into this tale of enchantment where perhaps the witch is not really a witch, and the ugly goose girl not so ugly. Grades 7-12 will see the high school program.

Eurythmy Spring Valley’s evening program for adults is centered on Yeats’ poem “Sailing to Byzantium.” Evoking an image of the “holy fire as in the gold mosaic,” it movingly portrays the journey of deepening, with an understanding that, “An aged man is but a paltry thing, a tattered coat upon a stick, unless Soul clap its hands and sing.” Through its ancient pictures, it tells of the search we each face to find what lies beyond our everyday self. Original music by Marcus Macauley is interwoven in the telling of Yeats’ dramatic tale. Surrounding this journey are pieces on the theme of light by such poets and composers as Wendell Berry, Meister Eckhart, Debussy, Massenet, and Messiaen. It is also influenced by the last panel of the Foundation Meditation by Rudolf Steiner.

Tickets for the evening performance are $12.00 in advance (available in the Main Office) and $15.00 at the door. Cash only, please, and exact change is greatly appreciated!

An additional opportunity for a full day of study with Spring Valley Eurythmy Ensemble:

Two Eurythmy Workshops and an Evening Performance on Saturday, October 22

Attend these dynamic workshops:

Speech Eurythmy Workshop with Christina Beck: Moving Sounds of Poetry
In this speech eurythmy workshop, you will move to seasonal poetry. The group will explore
creative texts through rhythms, sounds and meaning. Please wear loose fitting clothes and eurythmy shoes.

Tone Eurythmy Workshop with Barbara Schneider-Serio
You will be working with exercises and elements of tone eurythmy, such as pitch, rhythm, harmony, and phrasing, and the group wil look at a Schumann piece and enjoy finding a choreography for it.

In the evening you can attend the Spring Valley Eurythmy Performance with workshop members.

For complete details, and a history on the Spring Valley Eurythmy School, Susanne Zipperlen , CWS Eurythmy Teacher at 773-728-5282.

These events are co-sponsored by Chicago Waldorf School, Rudolf Steiner Branch and the Christian Community Church.

Weekly Adult Eurythmy Group

Wednesdays 8:15-9:20am

Want to start your day off feeling refreshed and harmonized?  Join us in the upper eurythmy room on Wednesday mornings after drop off.  We will explore artistic movement to beautiful poetry and magnificent music through eurythmy and rediscover our connection to beautiful sound and gesture.  All levels of experience welcome.  Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in and bring eurythmy shoes if you have them, otherwise, socks are fine too.  Suggested donation of $5 per week to help defray the costs of music accompaniment.

Questions? Contact Sue Hiertz.

Canamac Productions Presents "Defamation" at CWS

Monday Oct 24th at 1:30pm

Performed for 9-12th grades in the CWS auditorium

Defamation, written by Todd Logan, is a take-no-prisoners drama exploring the timely issues of race, class, and religion. In the play, Regina Wade, an African American businesswoman from Chicago’s south side, sues Arthur Golden, a Jewish real estate developer from Winnetka, for defamation.  And there’s a twist: the AUDIENCE IS THE JURY. This compelling play offers a fresh approach to generate constructive dialogue about the ways we continue to be divided along the deeply personal, highly charged issues of race, class and religion, as well as how they impact the legal system.

“In a speech in February 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder made the ‘controversial’ comment that in spite of Obama’s election there continues to be a serious racial divide in America. I believe Holder is right,” said Logan. “For several years I’ve been trying to write a play that deals with the question ‘what does it really say about ourselves about where we go to bed at night?’ I finally found a dramatic way into the subject through a story about a professional African American woman, a successful Jewish businessman and a watch.”

This event is open to all members of the CWS community and our neighbors, the students and faculty from the Global Citizenship Experience High School who will be joining us for the play and interactive discussion sessions. This Fall, Defamation is on tour throughout the Chicagoland area. For more information, visit their website

This event is sponsored by the CWS Inclusion & Diversity Committee. In partnership with the Global Citizenship Experience High School. If you would like more information about the Inclusion & Diversity Committee contact Jennifer Zielinski at

Sign Up Now for Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conference sign-up schedules will be available starting Wednesday, October 5. Appointments will be taken through Tuesday, October 25th. Additional appointments after this date will only be scheduled at the teacher’s discretion. Parents trying to coordinate conferences with multiple teachers are especially encouraged to schedule earlier rather than later. Special subject teachers will be making conference requests for specific children and they will also accept requests from parents who wish to meet with them.

Conferences are Mon/Tues, Oct. 31st & Nov. 1st. Note: There are no classes on either of these days.


To make your Teacher Conference Appointment:

Grade School: Call Ilene Warfield 773.828.8818
High School: Contact Catherine Herzog 773-828-8464 or


Calls should be made between 8:00am-5:30pm Monday-Friday or between 10:00 am-3:00 pm on the weekend. If your call goes to voice mail, please leave a message that includes your name, call-back number, student name(s), and, if desired, the date and a range of times that will meet your scheduling needs. Ilene Warfield will return your call to schedule or confirm a time she has been able to arrange for you based on the criteria detailed in your message. (Please note that the Grade School Office line is not being used for conference scheduling.)

High School Conferences scheduling is centralized through the High School Office; in order to assure efficient scheduling please do not reach out to teachers directly. Direct all inquiries to Catherine Herzog, High School Office Manager.

Farm, Orchard and Pie, Oh My!

The 5th grade celebrated the first day of autumn with a trip to a farm and an orchard.  In connection with our study of botany, we travelled to Susanna Farms in Lake Villa where the students practiced their orienteering skills in a corn maze, viewed varied habitats on a hay ride pulled by an antique tractor, learned some animal husbandry, and were able to pet and observe active racehorses.  Farmer Lauri shared her failures and successes using purely organic farming methods.  Each child was able to take home a small pumpkin.  Her farm welcomes the public and offers a Haunted Hayride from dusk until 10 p.m. the last three weekends in October.

5th graders observe the cycle of fruit from tree to plate!

After the farm, the group headed south to Heinz Orchard in Green Oaks where proprietor Anthony taught us about bee husbandry.  We learned how apple trees are propagated and tended.  The students picked delicious empire apples that became the key ingredient to our homemade pies.  Heinz Orchard is a family run, low spray orchard that is another great family field-trip destination. On Saturday, Jeff McCullough, parent of Will, taught students the art of baking pie crusts from scratch!  The class then shared our bounty with the social services Kovler Center on Albion Avenue.

Submitted by 5th grade teacher, Karen Hartz

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