The Bulletin

10th Grade Presents Retelling of Sophocles “Antigone”

Friday, February 2013

February 14th & 15th, 7:30pm in the CWS Auditorium

Each year, the 10th grade presents a Greek play, bringing their own interpretation of timeless mythology to life. This year, the 10th grade class takes a fresh look at the complex questions of whether men and women are subject to laws higher than those of their governments.

This adaption of Antigone combines scenes from Sophocles' original text with an adaptation of Jean Anouilh's 1946 play of the same name. The fusion of contemporary history and ancient philosophy invites the audience to reflect on this universal question that has challenge humans since the dawn of civilization.  Narrated by the ghost of Antigone, the play includes three casts of characters that span not only the ages, from ancient Greece to modern America, but also the world, from Africa, Asia, and Europe to the Americas.

“A man, though wise, should never be ashamed of learning more, and must unbend his mind.”

The 10th grade class will be accepting donations at the door to support their service learning trip to New Orleans this spring.  They will be working with the St. Bernard Project, a non-profit rebuilding organization whose mission is to ensure that disaster-impacted communities recover in a prompt, efficient, and predictable way.