Financial Aid - Policies and Application

Tuition Adjustment Information

As a path to access, the Chicago Waldorf School Tuition Adjustment Program plays a major role in contributing to the success and health of the school. The Chicago Waldorf School strives to adhere to its mission and the principle of supporting accessibility for all qualified students who seek a Waldorf education.

Families with students in Early Childhood (5 day Pre-K & Kindergarten program) through 12th Grade are eligible for Tuition Adjustment. For the school year, in order to best meet the financial needs of our families and increase the flexibility of the tuition structure, CWS budgeted approximately $775,000 for awards, which represents nearly 17% of net tuition revenue.


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<< Apply for Financial Aid in the form of tuition adjustment.
First time applicants visit the SMART Tuition website, click on the “New Parent Registration” button in the right column, type in the school ID which is 11718. Once your application is initiatied, you may save it "in-process" and revist it via the log-in window.


Here is an information sheet from SMART Tuition with Parent Instructions and Answers to FAQs.



           2014-2015 ACADEMIC YEAR

          Applications & TA--exclusively for new families--are on a “if space is available in the class” basis

           2015-2016 ACADEMIC YEAR

          CURRENT FAMILIES- TA Applications Due: January 23, 2015
          NEW FAMILIES- Apply at the same time you apply for admission



Tuition Adjustment Process

Awards are considered by the Tuition Adjustment Committee (TAC), a group comprised of faculty and staff members. TAC strives to meet each applying family’s financial need to the greatest extent possible, as well as to allocate funds to the greatest number of qualifying families. In return, we ask that families receiving tuition adjustments make Waldorf education a financial priority and demonstrate a willingness to pay to the maximum extent of their financial capability. Putting these principles into practice requires judgment and sensitivity on the part of both the school and each family. It involves making hard choices, as resources are limited. Please rest assured that all information submitted to the TAC will remain confidential and be given full and fair consideration.

The on-line service SMART Tuition standardizes the tuition adjustment application process and will support a healthy balance of awards. The system has an early and non-rolling deadline. Completed tuition adjustment applications will be due January 23, 2015.  Applications received from currently enrolled families after that deadline will not be accepted. Only new family applications will be accepted after this deadline. Note: SMART Tuition will accept 2013 tax returns if your 2014 return is not complete.  An explanation of your current financial situation must accompany a 2013 return.

       >>    Visit the SMART Tuition website to initiate the Tuition Adjustment process



Class of 2019 Renewable Scholarship Award

For the 2015-16 school year, the Chicago Waldorf School is offering Class of 2019 Renewable Scholarships. These awards will cover each recipients demonstrated financial need as determined by the independent financial review service SMART Tuition. Chicago Waldorf School will commit to the selected scholars for their entire four year attendance in the High School, as long as the student continues to fulfill the requirements of the scholarship and annually demonstrates financial need. New to our school? To learn more about this exciting opportunity please see the Chicago Waldorf School’s Class of 2019 Scholarship Information Guide and use this link to download the required Class of 2019 Scholarship Application. The scholarship application should accompany your regular admission application. Both are due to the Enrollment Office by January 15, 2015.

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<<   To apply for a Class of 2019 High School Scholarship
       follow this Scholarship Information Guide and
       submit the Scholarship Application by January 15th


In addition to the school's Tuition Adjustment Program the Chicago Waldorf School encourages families
with financial need to visit the following organizations:  Daniel Murphy, High Jump, LINK, HighSight.


Sibling Discount

This policy was established to alleviate the financial burdens on multiple child families. This policy applies to
all families enrolled from 2010 and after. The tuition for students enrolled in Grades 1-12 or in the 5 day
Early Childhood classes is reduced by 12.5% for the second sibling and for each additional enrolled sibling.
Any questions about the sibling discount policy can be directed to Erin Guiterrez in the Finance Office.

As its an optional discount, all families can choose to waive sibling discounts in support of the school.