Main Campus

THE MAIN CAMPUS IS 55,000 SQUARE FEET ..... and covers two blocks of West Loyola Avenue. With five early childhood classrooms, a dedicated parent-child space, science wing, brightly lit handwork rooms, woodworking, metal and sculpture studios, and a full-size gymasium, our campus is full of activity and only blocks from Lake Michigan.

EARLY CHILDHOOD SIDE YARD holds a newly remodeled recess space for the EC and grades 1-2.

THE SIDEYARD BARN was designed and built by CWS parent and faculty volunteers.

THE CWS AUDITORIUM houses a fully-functioning, 500 seat procenium theater complete with lighting grid, sound system and 30 foot fly system. Beneath the stage lies a well-stocked costume vault and dressing rooms. The drama program is a deeply embedded part of the curriculum throughout the upper and lower schools. The auditorium is the main gathering place for our community for school-wide assemblies, music and theatrical performances and lectures.

A VIEW OF THE BLOCK, with staff and faculty offices on the left, the main buildings on the right.

RUBY GARDEN, where students study botany and gardening, lies a few blocks from our main campus.

THE FULL-SIZE GYMNASIUM supports our movement/gym programming, indoor sports and circus arts.

FACULTY AND STAFF OFFICES are located on the south side of Loyola Avenue.