Fastest growing education in the world.

Today, there are more than 1,100 Waldorf schools and over 1,700 kindergartens in 80 countries worldwide. These schools exist in large cities and small towns, suburbs and rural enclaves. They have grown in response to the demand for education that truly meets the needs of childhood at all developmental levels.  Waldorf education is far reaching in its ability to spark succesful careers.  Please see the list below.


Thomas Sudhof, Neuroscientist and
2013 Nobel Prize Winner

Kenneth Chenault, CEO, American Express
Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway
Luke Donald, professional golfer
Uma Thurman, actor
Sandra Bullock, actor
Jennifer Aniston, actor
Stefan Behnisch, Winner of the Global Award
for Sustainable Architecture

Sergio Arno, renowned chef
David Blackmer, inventor, creator of DBX
Julianna Margulies, actor
Ari Behn, author
Gavin Carr, conductor
Ever Dawn Carradine, actor
Austin Chick, filmmaker
Kate Christiansen, author
Frances Cobain, artist
Tim Daly, actor
Georgina Earl, gold-medal rower
Winslow Eliot, author
Chris Elliott, actor
Michael Ende, author
Bella Freud, fashion designer
Eva Gronbach, fashion designer
Jessica Hart, model
Rutger Hauer, actor
Oliver Hirschbiegel, filmmaker
Nancy Huston, author
Tomas Maier, designer
Aaron McMillan, classical pianist
Judson Mills, actor
Meret Oppenheim, surrealist artist
Anna Paquin, actor
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer
William Lee Scott, actor
Sufjan Stevens, musician
Mark Vos, professional poker player
Veronica Webb, model/actor
Rainer Werner Fassbinder, filmmaker
George Hume, journalist
Joanna Newsom, musician
Hugo Rodriguez, US Consul Gen. of Mexico City
Charles Rose, architect
Pekka Haavisto, Finnish MP
Pascal Lamorisse, actor
Barbara Becker, actor
Thomas Mauch, cinematographer
Peter Lutz Prokosch, marine biologist
Jamiri, comic artist
Peter Wurtenberger, CEO Yahoo Germany


Nina Rothschild Utne, CEO
Russell Schweickart, astronaut                              
Joanne Woodward, actor
Sam Shepard, playwright
Clifford Stoll, astronomer
Eric Utne, editor
Tom Waits, musician
Alan Parsons, musician
Robert Plant, musician
Karen Allen, actor
Sandra Bernhard, comedian
Anthony Edwards, actor/director
Melissa Etheridge, musician
Art Garfunkel, musician
Ethan Hawke, actor
Harvey Keitel, actor
Alison Krauss, musician
Jessica Lange, actor
Phil Lesh, musician
Cheech Marin, comedian
Matthew Modine, actor
Rosie O’Donnell, talk show host
Todd Oppenheimer, journalist
John C. Reilly, actor
Frances Fisher, actor
Mackenzie Phillips, actor
Elizabeth Perkins, actor
Thom Beers, producer
Lucien Freud, painter
John Byrne, playwright/artist
Ingmar Bergman, filmmaker
Liv Ullmann, actor
Mikhail Baryshnikov, dancer
Princess Irene of the Netherlands
Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor
Charlotte Rampling, actor
Jean-Michel Jarre, composer
Saul Bellow, author
Lenny Kravitz, musician
Harrison Ford, actor
Glenn Frey, musician
Clint Eastwood, actor
Lisa Bonet, actor
Greg Allmann, musician
Charlotte Church, opera singer
Tilda Swinton, actor
Paul Newman, actor