The power of relationships. It works.

Great teachers are at the core of why excellence is a given at Chicago Waldorf School.

The video above highlights the strength of our teaching staff and our commitment to their ongoing professional development.

Most PD programs exist to help teachers navigate the educational system they are working under. We expect teachers to stretch their own boundaries, deepen their understanding of child development, stay curious, and constantly learn new material.

In the lower school class teachers "loop," staying with the same group for as long as 8 years. They form a deep bond with and understanding of the personalities in their class and how best to reach each of them. Looping requires teachers to grow and change along with the students in order to lead. There is no covering the same material year after year. There is no phoning it in. Our teachers are given the freedom to craft and adjust their approach day by day to meet the needs of the children in front of them. This commitment deepens the vital bond between teacher and student, a key to success in the classroom. 

School Tours offer the opportunity to see these relationships at work, to get a feel for a working classroom, and to ask current parents about their experience. Come and see for yourself.